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How can I save money on an oil change near me?

In the past, to get the best deal you had to search through your mail or several websites. That is a huge waste of time and effort. Now there is a better way!

OilChangeCat.com hunts down the deals

You simply enter your zip code and we show you the best coupons for an oil change near you, all in one spot. You can look them over, print the coupon, and save money on an oil change near you. It’s fast, free, and easy.



Why is an oil change important?

Getting an oil change is one of the easiest and most cost effective things you can do to keep your car or truck running for a long time. Your vehicle’s engine produces a lot of heat and friction. Regular oil changes keep the engine lubricated and clean. Be kind to your car, get a regular oil change, and be kind to yourself, use a coupon for your favorite oil change shop.



How often should I get an oil change?

The real answer is to look in your car's owner’s manual. The old school rule was 3,000 miles or about four months of driving. But, with advancements in modern automobile engines and the oils themselves, certain vehicles can go much longer between oil changes. Please check your owner’s manual to be sure what your car or truck requires.



What happens if I don’t get a regular oil change?

If you don’t get an oil change on a regular basis the actual oil can break down and get dirty. This is not good, the oil is lubricating the moving parts inside your engine, when it gets worn out your vehicle will become less efficient and break down quicker.



Why should I use an oil change coupon?

Oil change shops want to get you in the door by providing an inexpensive oil change. They want you to be a regular customer, so they try to offer you the best deals possible. Besides oil changes you will eventually need other services such as; tire rotation, brake jobs, suspension work, transmission flushes, radiator flushes, and other maintenance work. If they give you a great value on your oil change, you might hire them to do other maintenance; this works out for everybody.  



What area does OilChangeCat.com provide coupons for?

We are currently finding the best oil change coupons throughout Northeastern, Ohio. This includes the greater Cleveland, Akron, and Canton areas.